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    Exothermic-insulating sleeves are used to increase the yield in foundry practice. Function of the sleeve is predominant to enhance the effective casting modulus by increasing feeding efficiency. This is represented by a modulus extension factor (MEF)

    product details
    • The characteristics ofceramsite

      1.Dense spherical shape: the grain shape is a ball, the surface is smooth and the surface area is small, the fluidity ability and the filling ability is very good. Therefore, in obtaining good mold strength and high permeability at the same time with other sand and can reduce the amount of binder. It also has excellent collapsibility.

      2. Lower thermal expansion rate: the rate of thermal expansion is lower than other sand casting. So casting dimension precision is high, less casting crack and defects, high rate of finished products.

      3.Broken resistant ability is good: pearl sand volume density, high strength, re used rarely broken, a substantial increase in sand regeneration reuse rate, reduce the discharge of waste sand, conducive to the protection of the environment.

      4. High refractoriness: the main ingredient is aluminum oxide, a neutral pH value, belongs to Al-Si refractory material, refractory performance is very good. It can meet all kinds of metal and alloy casting.

      5.Small bulk density: bulk density less than chromite sand, thereby reducing the cost of the use of high quality sand.

    • Scope of application

      Lost  foam casting; Cold core box casting;  Precoated sand casting  and so on



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