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    Slag cotton

    product details
    • The main component is Mn2O3, ZrO2, SiO2, sames like fiber felt, and it is soft and light. It is a poly slag is extremely strong and has no steel water pollution neutral of high temperature resistant materials. When used, it can be cut into strips of different sizes, and then placed into high temperature molten steel. Though the surface with micro softening and shrinkage, the strip always floating in molten Iron & steel surface and potent build-up scum. When pouring, it is always in the ladle mouth and form a insurmountable retaining slag defensive line without package wall adhesion. It has excellent insulation ability, thermal insulation ability, shading performance, and anti radiation effect. It can effectively ensure the safety of water pouring operation, keep the purity of molten steel. After pouring, just rip it and it will falling easily.

      Commonly used specifications is 300*500mm, also specifications can be produced according to customer’s requirements.



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