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    Enterprise introduction

    Sanmenxia Sunlight Casting Material Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Henan Province, mainly engaged in the research and production of casting material, technical services. And through ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental system certification, T28001 safety system certification.

    Sanmenxia Sunlight casting material Co., Ltd. Own a research institute and two branches: casting materials branch, furnace and kiln branch. The research institute mainly engaged in the research and development of casting auxiliary materials. Casting material branch mainly produces furan resin, cold box resin, alkaline phenolic resin, phenolurea resin and corresponding curing agent; alcohol-based, water-based refractory coating; riser; burden and other casting auxiliary materials. Among them, V- process cast steel decarbonization coating is a functional coating developed by our institute, which has been declared national patent.

    Sunlight series products has stable performance, excellent qualityand perfect after-sales service, have been well received in the production andapplication of 70% Foundry In China, including the supplier of Volkswagengroup, China railway and engineering group, Caterpillar. etc.

    Ourfactory is located at the junction of Sanmenxia Industrial Park, Henan. withLonghai Railway in the south and 310 National Highway in the north. The trafficis very convenient. We sincerely welcome all the customers come for investigation and negotiation.



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