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    EPC coating

    Exothermic-insulating sleeves are used to increase the yield in foundry practice. Function of the sleeve is predominant to enhance the effective casting modulus by increasing feeding efficiency. This is represented by a modulus extension factor (MEF)

    product details
    • Features

      ·This series of coatings have good suspension and quick-drying properties, and can be dried naturally or dried at 50℃-55℃, which is convenient to use.

      ·Special resin reinforcing agent is added to this coatings to make it have higher adhesion strength with white mold, and give the mold a good rigidity. It solves the problem of casting deformation. The coating has high strength after drying, no moisture regain, no cracking and no delamination, Significantly improve the casting yield.

      ·This series of coatings have good brushability, leveling and air permeability, significant ability to prevent sand-burn, easy to peel off after pouring, and the casting surface will be smooth.

    • Application

      Suitable for cast iron, cast steel and non-ferrous alloy castings.

    • Instructions

      Choose the coating according to the specification, technical process, quality requirements of the casting. Instruction will be send as document form when you asked to.

    • Storage and transportation

      Storage period: Liquid 3 months, paste 1 year

      During storage and transportation, avoid overheat and freeze to prevent coating from deterioration.

    • Packaging

      Plastic drum with net weight 40Kg, Woven bag with net weight 25kg.



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