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    lining material

    product details
    • Specification

      This material is an aluminum magnesium spinel dry vibration refractory based on fused corundum.

      ●It is specially designed for melting stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel of coreless induction furnace lining work.

      ●This material can obtain dense homogeneous amorphous lining due to the high purity of raw materials and proprietary granularity distribution design.

      ●The material has good thermal shock stability and high temperature strength and has a certain loose layer in normal use.

      ●Use temperature: 1750℃.

      Acid liningmaterial

    • Specification

      This product is a quartz refractory with coreless induction furnace. The material is acidic.  The physical and chemical indicators have reached the international standards to fill gaps in the domestic.

      ●It is characterized with high purity raw materials, reasonable gradation and good thermal shock stability.

      ● It is especially suitable for continuous and discontinuous operating environment for the nonferrous metal and black metal.

      ● This material is pre mixed with dry vibration material.

      ● Boric acid or boric anhydride have been well formulated and the material can directly put into ●Use according to customer requirements. Maximum use temperature: 1700℃

      Basic lining material

    • Specification

      The main ingredient of the product is magnesium oxide, corundum and high alumina clay is added. It is a senior premixed bonded magnesia refractory  for coreless induction furnace.

      ●This product uses a proprietary granularity design.

      ●The product can be directly put into use.

      ●The product can be widely used for smelting alloy steel, high manganese steel, stainless steel,carbon steel and other steel.

      ● It is recommended for capacity of less than about 1ton of furnace type.

      ●Use temperature: 1600℃—1750℃



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