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    Cold box resin

    product details
    • Characteristics

      1. Low viscosity, good core sand mobility, lower sand shooting pressure and higher surface quality of sand core.

      2. Excellent demoulding performance, the core making efficiency has increased over 20%.

      3. The sand core has high initial strength, good deformation resistance, and less resin needed. 

      4. Higher resistance to moisture absorption, the storage time of the sand core is extended by 30%.

      5. High toughness when enduring pouring, lower scrap rate, and more accurate casting size;

      6. Low odor and less smoke, improve work conditions and make it more environmentally friendly.

    • Performance and specifications

      Component I(Phenolic resin)

      Component II(poly isocyanate)


      Light yellow to dark brown liquid

      brown liquid







    • Use guide

      1.Sand mixing process

      The ratio of the two components can be adjusted within the range of 55/45 to 50/50. If there are more component I, the initial strength of the resin sand will be high; the total resin addition is generally 1.0-2.0% (accounting for the weight of the sand). In the batch sand mixer, the sand is mixed with component I for 1 minute, then component II is added and mixed for 2 minutes. After mixing, the sand could made into the core.

      2. Selection of technological parameters

      This series of products uses triethylamine hardening method to make cores. Triethylamine is mixed with the carrier gas and generally blown into the core box at a pressure of 0.2Mpa. The blowing time depends on the size and geometry of the sand core. It takes about 7 kg of carrier gas to transport 1 kg of triethylamine, to hardening 1 ton of core sand need about 0.45-0.8 kg of triethylamine.





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